Avast! Gives Windows XP Tips On Keeping Up With Security Protection


Avast! the anti-virus company gives tips for those that are still running on Windows XP machines.  Microsoft ended support for the aging operating system on April 8th and warned users ahead of time to upgrade to a more up to date version of Windows.  Despite the warnings, there are still roughly 30 percent of internet connected computers still operating on Windows XP.

With that in mind, Avast! has pledged to get Windows XP users through security related problems, even if Microsoft has cut off support.

Avast’s COO, Ondrej Vlcek has explained in the past about the dangers of staying with Windows XP, but offers some hope for those that still chose to hold on.

“AVAST is devoted to protecting the PC ecosystem by not only supporting Windows XP for at least the next three years, but also by creating protection modules and detections specifically designed to cover Windows XP vulnerabilities and other security problems.”

Along with that, Avast gives tips on what you go do to protect yourself from threats.

  • Buy a new computer as soon as you can. You can’t escape that one day that will be your only choice. So throw your left-over coins in a jar to start a new PC fund.
  • Upgrade the software that you have, but make sure it works with your system (remember, Windows XP is old, and software has moved on.) Make sure to apply any patches to the software you are using to avoid vulnerabilities. avast! Software Updater can help you with that.
  • Ditch Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and use a browser that offers the most advanced security and support. We suggest Google Chrome. They will continue supporting Windows XP until at least April 2015.
  • Use antivirus software and keep it updated. You don’t have to buy an expensive suite – avast! Free Antivirus works just fine, and we pledge to support Windows XP users for the next 3 years.
  • If you don’t need it, lose it.  Remove insecure software that you don’t use, like the Java browser plug-in.
  • Get offline or stay away as often as you can. If you’re disconnected from the network, the cybercrooks can’t find you. And you can be guaranteed they’ll be looking.

Source: Avast!


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